Trivia / Hack/Slash

  • Big Name Fan: Kat Dennings has repeatedly expressed her love of Hack/Slash and wants to be in the film version.
  • The CSI Effect: The "influences criminal behavior" facet is mentioned by Cat Curio; TV shows about criminal science have made criminals smarter and less careless, which had the secondary effect of making many of her BMJ Crime Lab detective gadgets obsolete.
  • Development Hell: The film adaptation is proceeding... just very, very slowly.
  • Recycled Script: According to Tim Seeley, the basic concept of the first Hack/Slash story Euthanized was originally pitched by him as a plot for an Army Of Darkness comic, and "Super Sidekick Sleepover Slaughter" was originally written as a pitch for a Slasher Movie parody featuring Marvel Universe teen superheroes.
  • What Could Have Been: Notes by Tim Seeley in the final collection reveal that both Cat and Pooch were intended to die in their initial appearances. The first "Trailers" one-shot included a number of short stories and teasers that were supposedly intended to be expanded into full-length arcs: the only one which did undergo this was "Tub Club". (A story called "Dead Celebrities" was later published, but had no similarity to the "Trailers" version except the title.)