Trivia / Gunnm

  • Author Existence Failure: The first ending was Kishiro's attempted aversion of this.
    • Literally. He had to make the first ending quick and dirty, because he was ill that time. He got better and started the second Gunnm series some time earlier than the first ended and taking her further and earlier.
    • Even so, the artwork remained great to the very end. Impressive!
  • Author Phobia: Kishiro is afraid of a certain kind of butterfly, and so is Alita. This is only mentioned once.
  • Executive Meddling: The whole debacle with the story being put on hold and Kishiro switching publishers was caused by Shueisha editors' attempts to censor the dialog in reprint issues to appear more sensitive — demanding he not use the word "crazy" because "some people who read it may have incurable mental disorders and would be offended." (They suggested "mad" or "angry" instead.)
    • To wit — they censored the reprints of the manga without his knowledge a few times, then the legal team got him involved directly. They intentionally did this while he was in the middle of crunch time getting chapter 100 out, forcing him to either accept the changes they were "suggesting" or they'd use a clause in his contract about missing a deadline to prohibit all future reprints of Gunnm, effectively ending his career. He didn't notice the former until the latter happened; his response to the entire affair was to demand they recall the edited works and replace them with the "correct" versions or he would change publishers... they refused, so he did.
  • Schedule Slip: Kishiro placed Last Order on a hiatus after its 100th chapter... and might not continue it.
    • That's the case of Executive Meddling rather than Schedule Slip. The editor asked him for the edits he was opposed tonote , so he decided to let it slip for the time as not to endanger the manga reprint issues that were in the work at the time, but stated that he'd never work for that publisher again. Later he announced that he leaves Shueisha's Ultra Jump magazine for Kodansha's Evening, unless Shueisha people apologize to him and revert to the original dialog from the censored one. Which they failed to do, so the new chapters are now finally being released in Evening.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Gunnm Wiki.