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* BeamMeUpScotty: Contrary to what the theme music would suggest, Corey does not steal words from Trina's diary.
%%* DevelopmentHell
* MissingEpisode: "No Strings Attached", albeit in certain states mainly due to it's dialogue being edgy.
* NoExportForYou:
** The remaining episodes of season 1 can only seen in France, Italy, Australia, Latin America, Poland, and the UK.
** The [=DVD=]s for Season one can only be brought from Mexico, almost all of South America, and Australia.
* OfficialFanSubmittedContent: The contest winning "Wicked Cool Transitions" from the website.
* OutOfOrder:
** In America, almost every episode is completely out of order. For instance: "Smash Up Terby" is the pilot, yet it's aired in episode 15 in the US and "Creepaway Camp", episode 3, is aired at the 13th episode.
** In Canada, the shows are aired in a different order from those in America. "Smash Up Terby" is still not the first, though.
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* ScrewedByTheNetwork: While it's understandable that the new episodes haven't been airing, there is no excuse for Cartoon network to refuse to air reruns. The show was only being aired for 2 months before it was taken off the schedule and the network was airing the then-new episodes awfully fast, the show finally came back to Cartoon Network nearly a year later, but only limited to being watched on the "Watch Cartoon Network" app instead of being aired on the network itself....about two months later however, the show along with the episodes were pulled out of the website, which means you're stuck with the epsidoes in the foreign languages on You Tube. And then the show was just cancelled altogether after one season.
* TalkingToHimself: The members of the Newmans are voiced by their Grojband counterparts, which also leads to CrossdressingVoices.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Corey's voice actor would've been the same person who voiced Nick Mallory, and his original name was Tre Trippin.
** Despite being musically multi-talented, Laney was originally the band's drummer. Which counts as double, as that would have immediately made her an {{Expy}} of [[ComicBook/ScottPilgrim Kim Pines]].
** Larry was originally named Lenny. [[OpinionFlipFlop Likewise, Lenny was also originally named Larry]].
** The show was originally intended to have a one-minute long theme song that explained the plot better, but got cut down to 20 seconds due to Cartoon Network's standards. A leica reel of it can be found [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-4lbtpGjcw here]] on one of the creator's Youtube channels.
** The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8ZN8KiXqsg pilot]] of the show (which later became the basis for the episode Smash Up Terby) shows off several elements not present in the main show. A few of these include:
*** The fact that the show was supposed to have full 22 minute long episodes; these got cut down to two 11-minute episodes per half hour. Because of this, the version of the song "Tire Tracks" is longer than the version aired in the actual show.
*** The implicit presence of Corey and Trina's father, who has not appeared in the show at all to date; speaking of family, their last name is stated as being "Triffin" instead of "Riffin" at one point.
*** Mina has a different voice actor than in the main show.
*** The plot point of getting Trina's diary back to her, which is {{Hand Wave}}d in the actual series.
* TheWikiRule: [[http://grojband.wikia.com Grojband Wiki.]]
* WordOfGod: [[http://neptoonstudios.tumblr.com/post/58429754344 Corey and Trina are raised by a single father]] [[http://neptoonstudios.tumblr.com/post/58599183195 and there never was a mother; he adopted them on his own]].
* WorkingTitle:
** The original title for "Soulin' Down the Road" was "Christrina", a reference to ''Literature/{{Christine}}''.
** The original title for "Curse of the Metrognome" was just "Metrognome".
** The original title for "Girl Fest" was "Girl, You'll Be a Festival Soon".
** The original title for "A-Capella-Lips Now" was "Unplugged".