Trivia / Grendel

  • Old Shame: The Comico black-and-white miniseries, as well as the character's introduction in Comico Primer #2.
  • Screwed by the Network: The title saw a delay of several years due to the bankruptcy of its original publisher (Comico). During the interim, Comico's owners tried to claim Grendel as a company asset and prevent Wagner from taking the character elsewhere. This also held up Dark Horse reprints of the Comico issues, which eventually went through without further complications.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • In Issue #1 of "Devils Legacy" Christine was on the Phil Donahue show where she discussed the legacy of Grendel in her family. She mused that Donahue must be about 70 by now. According to recent estimate (based on when the idea of the original Hunter Rose stories being set in the early-mid 80s), Christine's story arc would have to take place somewhere in the mid 2020's. That would make Donahue more likely to be in his 90s by then. Donahue's long running show ended in 1996 and he had a short lived show between 2002-2003. The fact that the second show didn't last a year might reflect how relevant Donahue was in the 2000s (not very). Even if he's still alive, the "serious" talk show format is out of vogue. So no one is really holding their breath thinking that he'll try again anytime soon.
    • During Brian's tenure as Grendel, someone was discussing going home and watching David Letterman although they felt that the "old fart just aint funny anymore". Letterman retired from Late Night host in 2015; that would be about ten years before the events in the comic.
    • Like the majority of 1980s era cyberpunk, the near future failed to anticipate mobile smartphones, the ubiquitous internet, and other technological developments.
    • Hunter Rose's era is restricted to having occurred no later than the mid 1980s. Much of what he accomplished (including erasing all traces of his former "Eddie" identity) would not be possible with tracing and forensic technology that would be available after that. It certainly would not be possible in the digital age and post 9/11 age of surveillance.