Trivia / Goodnight Sweetheart

  • Actor Allusion: In one episode someone props up the bar access behind Gary and he almost leans on the empty space, but then notices and nods to himself — this provokes gales of uproarious laughter from the audience, which will seem a strange non sequitur to anyone not familiar with the famous scene in Only Fools and Horses in which Del Boy (not Lyndhurst's character Rodney, oddly) does the same but goes crashing to the floor with a fixed expression.
    • In one episode Gary claims he was taught how to speak in any dialect: his cockney is identical to Rodney.
  • Fake Brit: Irish actress Dervla Kirwan as Phoebe.
  • The Other Darrin: Both of the actresses playing Gary's two wives were replaced for Series Four onwards. Michelle Holmes left and was replaced with Emma Amos when she decided Yvonne was underused and had no scope for character development, whilst Dervla Kirwan left to concentrate on Ballykissangel, her friend Elizabeth Carling was her own recommendation as a replacement Phoebe.