Trivia / Ginger Snaps

  • Dawson Casting:
    • Brigitte, age 15, is played by a 23-year-old Emily Perkins. Katharine Isabelle, who plays her big sis Ginger, is four years younger than Perkins. What's really weird is that the characters actually look their age, right down to Brigitte appearing younger than Ginger.
    • Ghost in the second film. Tatiana Maslany was 19 at the time of filming, but Ghost is 13.
  • Shared Universe: With Orphan Black, which was also co-created by John Fawcett and shares some cast members with the films, Tatiana Maslany and Eric Johnson among them. Both take place partially in a fictional Canadian suburb called Bailey Downs, and the rehab clinic Brigitte attends in the second film is the same clinic that Alison Hendrix attends in Orphan Black.
  • Those Two Actors: Hilariously enough, Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins would again play sisters in Another Cinderella Story in 2008, a far more lighthearted film than the Ginger Snaps series.
  • Too Soon: News that Telefilm Canada was funding a "teen slasher flick" (and one with a goth protagonist, at that) right after the Columbine massacre and a copycat shooting in Alberta was met with outrage from the Canadian media.