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Trivia: Ghost in the Shell: Arise
  • Executive Meddling: While FUNimation was under no obligation to listen to the fandom's wishes to see the English dub have the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex voice actors reprise their roles, the decision to completely replace the cast in order to follow what Japan had done for their version was pretty much an order from Production I.G directly. That said, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn was still cast as major character Kurutsu.
  • The Other Darrin: The entire voice cast of Section 9 was replaced. For the dub, Production I.G insisted that Funimation do it, despite what the fans wanted.
    • Major Motoko Kusanagi: Atsuko Tanaka —> Maaya Sakamoto (also a Casting Gag where Sakamoto also voiced Kusanagi in the original Ghost in the Shell as the new cyborg body).
    • Batou: Akio Ohtsuka —> Kenichirou Matsuda
    • Togusa: Koichi Yamadera —> Tarasuke Shingaki
    • Daisuke Aramaski- Osamu Saka —> Ikkyuu Juku
    • Saito: Tōru Ōkawa —> Takurou Nakakuni
    • Pazu: Takashi Onozuka —> Youji Ueda
    • Ishikawa: Yutaka Nakano —> Tomoyuki Dan (Unfortunately, Dan passed away on October 2013 just before the second OVA was released. Shunsuke Sakuya replaces him for the 3rd and 4th OVA).
    • Borma: Tarou Yamaguchi —> Kazuya Nakai

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