Trivia / Ghost

For the Swedish band:

  • Fan Nickname: The female bassist who played with the band during the American leg of the Popestar tour is "Water Ghulah/Ghuleh" or "Mist."
    • The current keyboardist (as of the European leg of the Popestar tour) is often derisively called "chAir" for sitting during concerts.
  • One of Us: When asked who is more evil, Papa Emeritus or Darth Vader, one of the Ghouls was able to respond with a fairly detailed analysis of Vader's character.
  • Rule 34 Ė Creator Reactions: The band is very aware that they've attracted this sort of attention. After mentioning their surprise at having a significant number of female fans, a Ghoul had this to say: "Itís pretentious, but isnít that what defines art? A piece of something that inspires other people to carry on living or carry on doing something, that intrigues them to act in some way. So people doing drawings like that about what they want to do with the band, I think that is a great compliment. And it gives us the approval knowing that weíre doing something right. And itís fun."