Trivia / Get Fuzzy

  • Recycled Script:
    • Used as much as you would expect a newspaper strip to, and also in a somewhat strange week where Darby is shown to both be late with his latest strips and to have been accidentally sent unpublished strips of Pearls Before Swine. The rest of the week is these strips with Satchel and Bucky pasted over the characters, as well as Stephan Pastis calling Darby to complain about the situation.
    • Twice a showdown between Bucky and Fungo is brought to an end by Chubby Huggs, and in the exact same manner - a large, ominous silhouette approaches, Bucky and Fungo are cornered against the wall where Bucky continues to threaten Fungo's life if they get out alive, the silhouette turns out to be Chubby much to Bucky's chagrin, Chubby hugs Bucky and Fungo to the point they don't feel like brawling anymore.
  • What Could Have Been: Supposedly sometime in the early-to-mid-2000s, an animated feature film of the comic was in the works, or at the very least, in the planning stages, though nothing ever materialized.