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Trivia: Geppy X
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: One of the highlights of the game is that the majority of the vocal cast is this.
    • Akira Kamiya as Kei, which makes the parody aspects a good heap funnier.
    • General Jyag? The resident Char Clone? Yeah, guess who they got to voice him.
    • Maoh Devin is voiced by none other that the original Great Leader himself, Gorō Naya.
    • Romi, Riki's replacement, appears to be Hatsuno Hana aged up and freakin' awesome.
    • Kazuya Tatekabe is Gian, from Doraemon - if you grew up in Japan with a TV in the 90s, you know what he sounds like. He is also Riki here, and goes as far as to do a Next Episode narration not as Riki but as Gian.
    • Isao Sasaki sings the opening and ending. Why? Because YES, that's why.

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