Trivia / George W. Bush

  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: He never used the word "Strategery" (although he did say "misunderestimated", "recruitiments", "internets" and "nuculear"). That was Will Ferrell on '"Saturday Night Live''.
  • Fan Nickname: "W" and the famous "Dubya" can and have been used both affectionately and disparagingly.
  • Malaproper: Bush became famous for his sometimes odd verbal gaffes, dubbed "Bushisms". In all fairness, it's been pointed out that any president under as much 24/7, Youtube-era video scrutiny has made just as many verbal gaffes as he has. Some of them, however, are particularly notable - not just mispeaking similar words, but combining elements from separate words. According to The Other Wiki's page on "Bushisms", there are actually some who suspect that the underlying cause might actually be a case of undiagnosed, mild dyslexia. Bush shows several telltale signs associated with it - not just misspeaking, but combining nearby words. There's also his well-attested habit of not reading through long memos and reports that aides handed him, but tossing them down on his desk and asking his aides to verbally summarize the major points - he seems to have trouble physically reading, though not mentally processing their verbalized contents. Adding further weight to the theory is that one of his younger brothers openly has dyslexia, so it might run in his family.
    • That being said, even if it's true that Bush can't physically read very vast, there is ample evidence that he enjoys reading books in general. Rice said he was quite well read on books about Latin American politics, and there are various anecdotes from other staff members about times that Bush was reading the same political book they were and then sat down to have a discussion about it.