Trivia / George Steele

  • Technology Marches On: Back in the '60s, when Steele first started out, wrestling was not the WWE-dominated industry it is today. Since it was all divided up into regional territories, Steele could wrestle far from his home state during the summer, and teach during the school year back home with no one the wiser (there were a handful of times when someone would suspect him of being a wrestler, only for Steele to quip, "You really think I'm THAT ugly?" or something similar, and the discussion was quickly dropped). Even if all the territories still existed today, with the Internet as it is now, Steele would be outed in no time flat.
  • What Could Have Been: Not involving Steele directly, but, one idea considered for Matt "Prince Albert"/"A-Train"/"Tensai" Bloom was billing him as "George 'The Animal' Steele Jr." because of his bald head and hairy back. Thankfully, this idea was rejected. Steele and Bloom have both separately confirmed it.
    • Steele actually helped Bloom get started while working as a talent scout.
  • WrestleCrap: Two inductions.
    • The Oddities
    • The infamous Heroes of Wrestling PPV, which included a match between Steele and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.