Trivia / George Harrison

  • Author Existence Failure: Brainwashed.
  • Creator Breakdown: The record Dark Horse, recorded not long after his wife Patti Boyd left him for his best friend Eric Clapton.
  • Executive Meddling: His album Somewhere In England was delayed because the higher ups wanted another cover and some songs removed, so Harrison had to write new songs to fill the void. However, he made both a Lampshade Hanging and a Take That against them in the song "Blood from a Clone".
    • George was pressured by EMI to rush to finish Dark Horse in time for its scheduled release date and accompanying tournote , despite being stricken with laryngitis at the time (as well as throughout the tour), leading to its extremely scratchy, gritty vocals and the nickname "Dark Hoarse" from the critics.
  • Missing Episode: There are a lot of unreleased songs from the All Things Must Pass era; it's rumoured that there are almost as many as went on the album itself.
  • One of Us: Harrison is a huge Monty Python fan. So huge, in fact, that he's the reason we ever got to see Monty Python's Life of Brian - he stepped in to fund it when no one else would (and even cameos in the film).
  • Reclusive Artist: George was never one for touring or performing concerts. There were two notable concerts, however, that he was involved in. One was The Concert for Bangladesh, a charity concert for the benefit of Bangladesh that he organised, and the other was a tour with Eric Clapton and his band in 1992, out of which came the live album Live in Japan which ended up being George's last new album released during his life, with Brainwashed being posthumously released.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" came out of his desire to test the I Ching's contention that there are no coincidences and everything in the world is connected, by writing a song about a randomly selected phrase from a random book.