Trivia / Gauntlet

  • Franchise Killer: Seven Sorrows, which was released as an Obvious Beta with all of the touted new features conspicuously missing, as well as most series staples from previous games, such as Bomb Potions and all power-ups.
    • What Could Have Been: The game had a very prestigious team at first, with the likes of John Romero and Josh Sawyer attached to it, and was aimed as an extremely ambitious franchise resurrection. Sadly, the original devs left and the project collapsed into abject mediocrity.
    • Fanon Discontinuity: Because of all the flaws that were in Seven Sorrows, most fans ignore it completely and instead believe that the franchise went out in a blaze of glory with Dark Legacy.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: The Nintendo 64 version of Gauntlet Legends came with a Warrior miniature.