Trivia / Gattaca

  • Acclaimed Flop: Despite very good reviews from critics, the film raked in only $12.5 million out of a $36 million budget.
  • Artistic License Astronomy: Barring some amazing propulsion system they didn't mention it would take far longer than a year to get to Titan.
    • Titan is not transparent by a long shot, but it's not completely opaque, as Vincent tells Jerome. However this was the common perception back in the 1990's when this was filmed and before the Cassini-Huygens probe got to Titan in 2004.
    • Also given near-future engines, it would be possible as well. In real life, they're still in the research phase...
  • Artistic License Biology: Unless there's blood or other stuff that's not supposed to be in there in it, Urine doesn't contain genetic material.
    • There will almost certainly be shed epithelial cells from the urethra in there though.
    • There' also considerable debate about how much DNA is in hair. Most sources say it's just in the root, but others say that fragmentary DNA can still be found in the strand.
  • The title is made from the four nitrogen bases "letters" (GCAT). The complementary strand would be CTAATGT. The mRNA strand would be CUAAUGU