Trivia: Garo

  • Actor Allusion: This isn't the first time the guy who plays Shijima Wataru has been a mentor; he was formerly Zanki.
    • And later in Makai Senki #15, he appears in a flashback as a Drill Sergeant Nasty, described by the kids as an "oni".
    • Kenji Matsuda appears in Makai Senki as a blue Makai Knight with a curved sword named Wataru. Compare Kamen Rider Kiva, where he appeared as a blue werewolf who had the ability to transform into a curved sword for a young man named Wataru.
  • The Danza: Rei Suzumura is portrayed by Ray (pronounced the same) Fujita.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Gonza is played Yukijiro Hotaru AKA Inspector Osako.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Ai Orikasa not only provides the voice of Rei's familiar/amulet Silva, but she also shows up in person when Silva appears in human form in the gaiden episode "Smile". She also plays Luckyuro
    • Along with Hironobu Kageyama, who's been voicing Zaruba AND singing the theme song.
  • Name's the Same: Makai Senki #8 has a cursed samurai from ancient times called Juuzou. And #9 has a bitter old actor named Ryuunosuke, who even does a Wholesome Crossdresser act at one point.
    • Kenji Matsuda plays a character named Wataru.
    • The powerful Horror who served as a MacGuffin in Makai Senki is named Ganon.
    • The new character from the Soukoku no Maryu movie is named Kakashi.
  • You Look Familiar: The theme park manager from Episode 10 of the 2005 series (who harasses Kaoru) shall later on play Ratess in Makai Senki.
    • The new character from the Soukoku no Maryu movie, Kakashi will be played by Yuki Kubota, who previously played the obnoxious idol/actor JURAN in episode 9 of Makai Senki. He was the episode's Victim of the Week.
    • And now, Kouhei Otomo, who played Igari Juzo in Makai Senki is playing Burai, the old Makai Priest in the 3rd season.
    • Takano Hassei, the son of the old couple in Makai Senki #6 (see also Hey, It's That Guy! above) eventually became The Quisling to the Horror Ring in ZERO: Black Blood.
    • Thane Camus, who plays Ring himself in ZERO: Black Blood, is set to re-appear as another Horror in Episode 5 of Makai no Hana.
    • Keiko Matsuzaka, who played Big Bad Judam in Soukoku no Maryu, reappears as Anna (Gonza's chef girlfriend-of-sorts) in Ep. 10 of Makai no Hana.