Trivia / Gail Simone

  • Big Name Fan: Oddly recursive with Atop the Fourth Wall.
  • One of Us: Outside of the obvious, she's tweeted about her experiences playing Dead or Alive on her 3DS. And talked about playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Promoted Fangirl: She started out as a hairdresser who just liked comics before getting a job writing Simpsons comics. Then Marvel hired her to write the last storyline for the Deadpool comic and the opening arc of Agent X, before jumping ship to DC and writing many of their comics. Now she's one of their biggest name writers, and probably the main reason for the current Batgirl series to sell so well despite some critical backlash.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Twice she's had a pitch which would have pleased a large number of fans. Firstly, she wanted to bring Cassandra Cain into Birds of Prey with a story that would transform her into a Christian, citing the fact that while an atheist herself she feels religion is misrepresented in comics. Secondly, she pitched a new book for the New 52 which involved Stephanie Brown and a handful of other missing female characters and form a team and would be co-written by Bryan Q Miller. Both were unable to come to pass due to some issues involving both Cass and Steph.
    • She had several scripts written that were scrapped when she was briefly fired from Batgirl, and her concept for the "Zero Year" crossover issue of Batgirl was "cool," but DC wanted someone else to write it. But the crossover isn't editorially mandated— the writers of the various books all expressed interest!
    • DC also rejected a pitch for a Shazam family comic that would be written by her, Mark Waid, and Grant Morrison.
    • She wrote the episode "Double Date" for Justice League Unlimited. It was originally going to be about Barbara Gordon getting injured when working on a case, so she calls Black Canary and Huntress to solve it for her. Gail also wanted to write an episode with the Queen of Fables as the villain.
  • Writer Revolt: Flat-out refused to do some part of the Death of the Family storyline and was fired for it. DC re-hired her after the backlash, but one assumes someone else will be writing those issues...