Trivia / GSN

The following are Trivial facts relating to GSN.
  • Adored by the Network: Family Feud in its many incarnations, along with Match Game, the only two shows to have been on the network since day one.
    • Since it started airing in March 2012, the Harvey-hosted edition of Feud has received obscenely high ratings for the network, leading it in particular to be the most aired show on GSN. Steve Harvey himself is another example.
  • Blooper:
    • Despite taking considerable measures against it, GSN aired three different Barker episodes of The Price Is Right offering fur coats.note 
    • At least twice, an episode aired with all of its original (not inserted by GSN) commercials a Bud Collyer To Tell the Truth (December 23, 1966) and a Dick Clark Pyramid (July 20, 1978).
    • There have also been at least two occasions of some original commercials remaining, both on Richard Dawson's Family Feud a showing of the August 15, 1977, show left in the commercials between Fast Money and the closing segment, and a 2000 airing of a 1979 episode left in ads for Stove Top stuffing and Maxwell House coffee.
    • When the February 28, 1952, episode of Winner Take All was shown in September 2004, GSN accidentally showed a Station Ident (specifically, WNBT in New York) for a few seconds.
    • Many episodes have been screwed up massively by the time-compression machine (resulting in everyone speaking like the Micro Machines man for a few seconds), incorrect cuts to commercial/pushbacks mid-show, or glitching during the credits pushback.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • October 1997 though April 1998 is referred to as the "Dark Period" after they lost the rights to the Goodson-Todman library (except The Price Is Right and the 1994-95 season of Family Feud).
    • The Steve Harvey Network since about 2013, due to its constant marathons of the Harvey version of Family Feud.
  • Missing Episode: Some episodes of Match Game and The Hollywood Squares were taken out of rerun packages because they contained racial slurs. At least one Match Game episode was pulled because it had tape errors, and still more are unaired by the network due to failed celebrity clearances.
  • Screwed by the Network: Most, if not all, of GSN's originals got shuffled around repeatedly within the schedule for no reason, and most were canned after two seasons at most. Lingo was the hardest hit in this regard, but it still managed to last six seasons. Not to mention the fact that GSN rarely, if ever, announced that a show was truly canceled (The current victim is the American version of The Chase; though they still play reruns, no new eps have been taped since 2015).