Trivia / Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

  • Jossed: The popular fan theory that Michiru and Kaoru "inherit" the forms of Cure Bright and Cure Windy beyond the series finale is nixed by the second All-Stars DX movie, where Saki and Mai get a combination of both their Egret/Windy and Bloom/Bright forms, respectively. On the other hand, the Crossover Compilation has outright defied TV canon on a number of major points, and Toei doesn't care about the twins, so of course they wouldn't let them fight — meaning that, in a purely-TV-canon world, they could still keep their powers.
    • Word of God states that the reason that they are not Cures is that since they were not ordinary girls that their target audience can identify with, so this puts their status as redeemed villains on the likes of Bunbee. They never have their newfound life expanded on like with Cure Passion, so it is unlikely that they would ever be considered offical Cures.
  • The Other Darrin: Kaoru's voice actor is replaced halfway through the show.