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  • Referenced by...:
    • Red & Ted's Road Show is practically a sequel to the game. Two talking heads, a clock-like "Miles" system and a left plunger Skill Shot are combined with the rules that made The Addams Family and The Twilight Zone so memorable.
      • Speaking of The Twilight Zone, hitting the clock enough times prompts a sound clip of Rudy saying "Quit playing with the clock!" The "Fast Lock" quick multiball mode also features clips from the game, among other Pat Lawlor games.
      • Certain sounds from this game are also heard in The Addams Family.
    • In Dennis Nordman's Demolition Man pin, you get to hear Rudy say "Frenzy?" when the frenzy mode is started.
    • Rudy cameos in one particular mode of World Cup Soccer.
    • In No Good Gofers, finishing multiball without getting a jackpot, then starting up again prompts Buzz to say "Oh no," a reference to one of Rudy's quotes.
    • One ticker message in Monopoly reads "Hey, it's only pinball," a direct quote from Rudy.
    • In Safe Cracker, one of Candy 2000's quotes when locking a ball is "I'm not happy with you now," which is yet another Rudy quote.
    • One of the things Pin*Bot says when cheating in Jack*Bot is "Look, there's Rudy".
  • What Could Have Been: The prototype game had a few significant differences:
    • There was an additional S-T-E-P target located just to the right of the mirror scoop: the five targets would have spelled S-T-E-P-S (with the P being the extra target, and the second S being where the P target is in the final game).
    • In addition to the Mystery Mirror, Quick Multiball could also be lit via the top Crazy Steps hole. Both methods would have required an additional shot to activate (similar to Whirlwind). The Steps award would be changed to a flat 500,000-point bonus (likely to avoid skilled players from running Quick Multiball repeatedly), and the mirror was updated to award the mode immediately.
    • There was originally no award for full-plunging the Crazy Steps. It was later updated to start the Superdog mode on a full plunge, likely to avoid the Steps being worthless for players who hadn't lit any of the three holes.

Trivia for the Game Show: