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  • Referenced by...:
    • "BIFF!" appears in various pins, usually as a "crash" display.
    • Red & Ted's Road Show is practically a sequel to the game. Two talking heads, a clock-like "Miles" system and a left plunger Skill Shot are combined with the rules that made The Addams Family and The Twilight Zone so memorable.
      • Speaking of The Twilight Zone, hitting the clock enough times prompts a sound clip of Rudy saying "Quit playing with the clock!" The "Fast Lock" quick multiball mode also features clips from the game, among other Pat Lawlor games.
      • Certain sounds from this game are also heard in The Addams Family.
    • In Dennis Nordman's Demolition Man pin, you get to hear Rudy say "Frenzy?" when the frenzy mode is started.
    • Rudy cameos in one particular mode of World Cup Soccer.
    • In No Good Gofers, finishing multiball without getting a jackpot, then starting up again prompts Buzz to say "Oh no," a reference to one of Rudy's quotes.
    • One ticker message in Monopoly reads "Hey, it's only pinball," a direct quote from Rudy.
    • In Safe Cracker, one of Candy 2000's quotes when locking a ball is "I'm not happy with you now," which is yet another Rudy quote.
    • One of the things Pin*Bot says when cheating in Jack*Bot is "Look, there's Rudy".

Trivia for the Game Show: