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Trivia: Fundies Say the Darndest Things
  • Fan Nickname:note 
    • Posters on Rapture Ready are known as "Ruptured Retards" or "Raptards", and those on Free Republic are known as "Freepers".
    • His4Life has posted comments promoting fundamentalism on FSTDT so often that now people are calling her "Troll4Life".
    • Andrew Schlafly's use of "Aschlafly" as his Conservapedia handle has led to him being nicknamed "Assfly". (The latter is also present on RationalWiki.)
    • Supersport has been called "Stuporsport".
    • Most of these have been coined by the commenter Anon-e-moose, and some other nicknames he has created are "Liesseeker" for Truthseeker (who was revealed to be a troll), "Schaftafly" as another nickname for Andrew Schlafly, and "Casshiterides" for Cassiterides. In fact, it is quite unusual for there to be a fundie to whom Anon-e-moose has not given one of these. One particularly persistent troll, David Mabus (birth name Dennis Markuze) inspired two nicknames from Anon-e-moose: Ma(short)bus and Dennis Markarzi.note 
    • Mike Huckabee has been given the nickname of "Fuck-a-bee".
    • And let's not forget that Michele Bachmann is often called "Batscat Shelley".
    • He is one of the contenders for being Supersport's successor, so it should come as no surprise that Self-Mutation has been dubbed "Self-Mutilation" by the commenters.
    • The commenter Reynardine has begun to call the users of Occidental Dissent "Occidental Conceptions". The website as a whole is often abbreviated to OD.
    • Some commenters have taken to calling the news site World Net Daily "World Nut Daily" because it is rife with conspiracy theories and has a severe right-wing bias.
    • When Marjan Šiklic came to the comments threads on many quotes under such aliases as "AntiModernistIncelBlogger," Anon-e-moose went full force with the nicknames, coming up with "shouldbeinacellandbuggered," "Mary Jane Sick Lick," "Loco in the Coco," "Alexius," and "GG Anuses." Other commenters came up with "Sexless Sadsack" and "AuntiePostmodernistIncestLover."
  • Name's the Same:
    • There are two (or possibly more) distinct people who call themselves baileysmom. One is a member of Rapture Ready who always derails threads in order to bash gay people. The other is a commenter on Fundies Say the Darndest Things who got so fed up with the former that he or she now posts comments which appear to be baileysmom praising her daughter for carrying her father's child and not having an abortion. To make it worse, baileysmom's daughter is apparently fourteen and this has apparently happened twice before.
    • The commenter Phillip-George(c)2013 is a conservative Christian who, much like His4Life, regularly posts to try to argue against the other, mostly liberal commenters. Unlike His4Life, who mostly makes statements of Christian faith, Phillip-George is more explicitly a devil's advocate, who tries to claim that the people quoted are correct. Shortly after he joined FSTDT, a never-before-seen user known only as "Troy" began to impersonate Phillip-George, making explicitly fascist and misogynistic comments under his name. The real Phillip-George was horrified when he found out, and was worried that these comments were going to get him banned, but somewhat surprisingly, a few of the other commenters came to his aid, and the impersonation was discovered.
    • There are also possibly two Doctor Dooms, though this has not affected the Wall of Shame on the Characters page.
    • There are lots of other examples, due the fact that strictly speaking, one does not have to register an account in order to comment. Thus, trolls tend to impersonate actual commenters (or at least they used to, before registration made it possible to distinguish impostors by sight.)
      • And most trolls eventually attract counter-trolls who borrow their names and use them to dismantle their arguments.
  • One of Us: Some quotes are from people on here — there's one from This Very Wiki and two by posters on These Very Forums. Several commenters are tropers as well.
  • Outlived Its Creator: The site is still going strong after the death of WinAce.

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