Trivia: Fun and Fancy Free

  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Willie the Giant is voiced by Billy Gilbert. Also known to fans for playing Sneezy, and Field Marshal Herring. The latter role being a thinly-disguised version of Hermann Göring.
  • What Could Have Been: Earlier versions of the Beanstalk segment had two versions of where Mickey got the beans. One version has Honest John and Gideon being the tricksters who sell Mickey the beans, while another has Mickey meeting the queen of Happy Valley: Minnie, who gives him the beans.
    • According to the featurette included on the DVD, both were originally going to be made into full-length films, with Bongo being a companion piece to Dumbo, to the point where the Elephant Matriarch, Catty, Prissy, and Giddy were to make an appearance. However, when the US entered WWII, the idea was shelved.
    • Mickey and the Beanstalk was also going to be part of a proposed package feature that would have featured The Gremlins and The Wind in the Willows. The former would not be made, while that latter ended up being part of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.