Trivia / For the Man Who Has Everything

  • Approval of God: Alan Moore, who dislikes most media adaptations of his work, approved of the DCAU Justice League episode, and actually allowed his name to appear in the credits (which he hasn't done since the infamous failure of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen).
    • This has been somewhat overstated. While Moore did approve of the show adapting the story beforehand, he has never given his opinion of the result, and it is unknown if he has ever even seen it.
  • Word of God: J.M. Dematteis, writer of the animated adaptation:
    I don't think he'd be happier on Krypton. It's just that Superman never really knew Krypton and had a profound longing to experience that part of his history. Krypton is part of him but Earth, I think, is a bigger part.
  • What Could Have Been: There are some rumors going around that the story was supposed to be about Martian Manhunter. If so, then the protagonist's characterization as an alien who wants his perfect life to be on his revitalized home planet makes a lot of sense.