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Trivia: Flash Point

Trivia for the comic book Flashpoint:

Trivia for the TV series Flashpoint:

  • Genius Bonus: Almost all the references to locations involve actual roads and neighbourhoods and many of the downtown buildings are very recognizable, meaning someone with enough familiarity with Toronto can actually trace the fictional action of an episode — even when it doesn't make sense.
  • Hey, It's That Guy/Girl:
    • Amy Jo Johnson was a Power Ranger. It occasionally gets distracting when you're waiting for Jules to morph... This has become many a fanfic where people have combined the two series she was in, in some way shape or form.
    • Hugh Dillon has been the frontman for multiple Canadian bands and also stars in the series Durham County.
    • Sam Braddock has been involved in a big pile-up once.
    • Enrico Colantoni has been to Mars as well as beyond the Klaatu Nebula. And now he's running organised crime in New York.
    • Alex Carter has shown up.
    • Also Jenny Sheppard as an Internal Affairs investigator.
      • And Paula Cassidy as Jules' replacement in Season 2 who later gets blown up (again!) in the first part of the series finale
    • Maybe it's just the Cylon programming, but Chief Tyrol took Greg Parker hostage inside the Air Canada Centre.
    • Multiple actors from CBC's The Border have also shown up, which makes sense as both series are/were filmed and set in Toronto.
      • Sarah Gadon played Tasha Redford in Season 1's "Attention Shoppers".
      • Mark Wilson played FBI agent Gilbride in Season 4's "Run, Jamie, Run", helping track down a corporate robber.
      • Graham Abbey showed up later in Season 4, as Donna Sabine's ex-squadmate Bill Kedrick in "A New Life".
      • Catherine Disher appeared as a 911 operator in the series finale.
    • Nate Ford's wife Maggie appears as a customs agent.
      • In the same episode, Ari Tasarov is an ex-soldier and vengeful parent.
    • Jack Bristow appears as a psychologist who deconstructs the team.
    • Evidently, Oliver Queen spent some time as the SRU dispatcher during the five years he was supposed to be on the island.

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