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Trivia: Fire Emblem Jugdral
  • Dub Name Change: Quite a few names that the Fire Emblem Treasure (and later Fire Emblem Awakening) gave to the Holy Weapons were different from fan translations.
    • Tyrfing/Tailfang/Tyrhung became Tyrfing.
    • Mistoltin/Mistolteen/etc. became Mystletainn.
    • Ichiaval became Ichii Bal thanks to Treasure, then changed to Yewfelle in Awakening.
    • The Gaebolg/Gae Bolg/Gay Borg became confirmed as Gae Bolg.
    • Torhammer became Thor Hammer, then Mjölnir in Awakening.
    • Falaflame/Fala Flame became Faraflame in the Treasure, then Valflame in Awakening.
    • Swanchika was renamed to Helswath in Awakening.
  • Official Couple: Some of them are made clear in-game, while several others came about either in outside material or in Thracia 776. They are:
    • Sigurd/Dierdre and Dierdre/Arvis happen in-game, and Quan/Ethlyn have been married for a while (and have had baby Altena!) before the events of Genaeology. There is also Eldigan and Grahyne, an NPC.
    • As of Thracia 776, we have confirmed three (sort of pairs): Raquesis' children are Delmud and Nanna - she had her son Delmud by the mercenary Beowulf, and she had her daughter Nanna by the knight Finn. Beowulf presumably passed away either during or after the Battle of Barhara, and it seems that Raquesis thought of her relationship with Beowulf as an affair. The Mitsuki Oosawa manga adaptation plays with this - since Beowulf doesn't exist in that manga, Finn is the father of both children. Finally, Silessa's prince Lewyn and the Pegasus Knight Ferry are also official, and in Thracia, Ferry becomes Silessa's reigning (and much loved) queen. This also confirms that her children, Fee and Ced, respectively have minor and major Forseti blood.
  • What Could Have Been: Unconfirmed reports of what could have been in Thracia 776 include:
    • Veld possibly not being the Anti-Climax Boss he was.
    • Some of "substitute characters" and one of the canon ones being playable in Thracia 776. The list would've included Arthur, Daisy, Asaello, and Femina.
    • Ishtar, Manfroy, and Julius were fightable and would attack the player if they got too close. Data exists to confirm that Ishtar would be fightable at one point. Chances are, people would try to see if you could kill them.
    • Mentioning that Eyvel might have been Briggid from the start.
    • Reinhardt would be recruitable.
    • A desert chapter involved freeing people turned to stone by Veld.
    • A journal made by Shouzou Kaga, the series' creator, mentions that he wanted Thracia 776 to be ported to the Nintendo64 (which probably could've given the game a sales boost since it was the Super Famicom's last game), and for that port, the game's overall difficulty would be reduced so that newbie players could enjoy it.

  • And for Geneology of the Holy War:

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