Trivia: Fire Emblem Akaneia

  • Fountain of Expies: This game started many of the Archetypes that would continue into future games such as the Jeigan, Cain & Abel, Gordin, Ogma, Julian, Lena, Nabarl, Merric, Maria, Minerva, Est, and the Gotoh. It also is the origin of the Triangle Attack.
  • I Knew It: Many, many fans assumed Frey was the canonical sacrifice in Shadow Dragon. New Mystery proved them right.
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.: The Trope Namer and current world record holder (nineteen years from FE1 to the international release of Shadow Dragon; seven years from international debut in Melee to international release of Shadow Dragon).
  • What Could Have Been: Data exists in Fire Emblem 3 (on the Super Nintendo) to suggest that Gotoh and the missing characters (Darros, Wrys, Jake, Beck and Roger) were indeed considered to return as playable.
    • The biggest Fire Emblem site,, posted an article based from the Fire Emblem's 25th Anniversary. See this to find many ideas not included in the original Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Highlights include:
      • Nyna was originally going to be a playable character as a Paladin and her vassals accompanying her. However, their role was given to Hardin and the Wolfguard instead and Nyna was given the damsel role while her vassals were imprisoned. The band's name, the Archanea Free Company, was reused for Astram's squad.
      • Cutscene images were also originally going to be included in the NES version but not included due to memories. This was first featured in Blazing Sword, the first Fire Emblem to be released internationally. Ironically, Shadow Dragon's image focused on the Ghoul's Teeth, rather than Julian and Lena running from the bandits.
      • Jagen originally was going to die during the story.