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Trivia: Final Fantasy XIII
  • Gilgamesh was intended to appear as a regular character; a fal'Cie with giant swords. Fridge Logic dictates that he was likely supposed to be the ultimate opponent of Titan's Trials as opposed to Attacus, as Attacus uses the exact same progressive battle tactics that Gilgamesh did in Final Fantasy XII, and you are arbitrarily given the store Gilgamesh Inc. as a quest reward for finishing half of the Trials fights. Getting this store as a reward for beating their namesake would have made more sense.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega, the development team at one point considered making Vanille the official main character of the game, but dismissed the idea as they had already released a trailer and art featuring Lightning in that role.
    • The fal'Cie Siren wasn't just in the Pompa Sancta, but is Bodhum's fal'Cie. However, since the player never gets visit Bodhum properly, the only time one can see Siren is in cutscenes.
    • Fang was originally supposed to be a man, but was changed to a woman when the developers had to drop Serah from the party. Noel was likely based off those designs.

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