Trivia / Final Fantasy All The Bravest

  • Similarly Named Works: A vicious case that crossed with No Export for You for a time. Before this game was announced, players were anxious for the announcement of an English release for another Square Enix RPG, Bravely Default. When the name "Final Fantasy - All The Bravest" was found in a trademark registration record, fans were quick to assume this was a prelude to the announcement of the latter (not least of which was due to Bravely Default's awkward name); after all, it has been known that Bravely Default was connected to the Final Fantasy franchise. Then the previews and reviews hit. This wasn't the acclaimed 3DS JRPG that fans were desperate to see in a time when the system was starved of them, but exactly the opposite in every way. Fortunately, an English release for ''Bravely Default' has been announced since then, but this game certainly did no favors for the relation between Square Enix and its fans.