Trivia / Far Cry

The video game:

  • Banned in Germany: A major objection was that corpses are still physics-enabled objects, offending Germany's many zombies. This explains why Crysis has enemy ragdoll physics disable themselves almost immediately on death and why Far Cry 2's animals behave like they're filled with helium.
    • Kinda ironic, considering that it was made by a German developer. However, a censored (but still quite bloody) version is sold freely in Germany.

The film adaptation:

  • Deleted Scene: The scene featuring Stuttering Craig and Handsome Tom of ScrewAttack was deleted.
  • Direct-to-Video: Though the film did go to theaters in some countries.
  • Genre-Killer: This is one of the last major R-rated films Disney distributed on their own before Dick Cook was shown the door. Disney changed their strategy after purchasing Marvel and all R-rated films made past 2010 were all DreamWorks films.