Trivia / Fallout 2

  • Actor Allusion:
    • Marcus will sometimes say "I am not a merry mutant.", in reference to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Q shoved the crew into a Robin Hood simulation, whereupon Worf commented, "Sir, I protest, I am NOT a merry man."
  • Executive Meddling: The publisher, upon seeing the finished game, demanded that a tutorial level be included, and the developers were forced to rapidly knock one out literally days before release. The universally-loathed Temple of Trials was the result.
  • What Could Have Been: Like the previous game, many things got the axe before release. Including: A good ending for the Vault 13 Intelligent Deathclaws, Gecko and Vault City; the Virgin Of The Wastes title; alcohol and Tragic addiction; a food system; the Rainbow Confederation; a forced encounter with Kaga (a previous candidate for being The Chosen One) and a Renegade Brotherhood member who would've pulled a Big Damn Heroes in your favor against an ambush of lobotomites; the lobotomites themselves were cut from the game; other cut creatures include a Sand Shark and the Venus Mantrap; a Lil' Chemist kit that would've let you mix chemicals; the Enviromental Protection Agency as a location filled with technological goodies; the Radscorpion Limbs would've been used to expose the Duntons as cattle rustlers (they're useless in the final game); etcetera.