Trivia / Extreme Ghostbusters

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The show had only six episodes released on VHS in the United States and has zero DVD releases. Thirteen episodes have been released on DVD overseas but the rest of the series is no where to be found. The only places the series can be found are on YouTube and torrents (though most of the episodes are recordings from when the show was on Toon Disney, so some scenes of horror may be edited). The show can now be watched on Hulu however.
  • The Other Darrin: Neither Laura Summer nor Kath Soucie returned to voice Janine. Her voice actor in this series was Pat Musick.
  • What Could Have Been: The show was originally planned as a series-wide Myth Arc revolving around a coming war in the spirit world between ghosts (dead humans) and "ghouls" (spiritual entities like Gozer who were never alive to begin with). Originally written as demons (but that was nixed early on to avoid offending anybody's religious sensibilities) that threatened to spill over and destroy the Earth. Also, Egon would have long since quit his job at the university to become a mystic and travel through the afterlife, only returning to the world of the living to warn people about the war.
    • Garrett was originally going to be a girl named Lucy.
    • According to Maurice LaMarche, Frank Welker was approached about reprising Slimer. However, the recording sessions were at night in order to accommodate the schedules of cast members who worked on live-action projects. Since Welker's schedule was busy enough as it was, he opted to just step aside and gave them his blessing to recast Slimer.
    • Garret's nightmare in "In Your Dreams" was originally going to be a lot worse. It was going to be of his mother torturing him with a cattle prod!