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Trivia: Evil Dead
  • Ashcan Copy: "Within the Woods," a short film made primarily to get the first true Evil Dead film financed.
  • Banned in the United Kingdom: The first film was one of Britain's "Video Nasties" that got Mary Whitehouse's knickers in a twist. It was more to do with the title than the content; titles with stuff like "Evil" and "Dead" were banned in a knee-jerk reaction (although the tree rape scene didn't do it any favors).
  • Cameo Prop: Freddy Krueger's famous glove can be seen hanging from the wall at one point.
  • Completely Different Title
  • Dye Hard: Jane Levy, who plays Mia, is a redhead.
  • Fake American: Elizabeth Blackmore (Natalie) is from New Zealand.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The Japanese dub of the 2013 reboot has an All-Star Cast of many well-known voice actors:
  • Movie Making Mess \ Troubled Production: A crew discovering that feature films are much harder to make than short films, No Budget, unsavory work conditions and a director making sure the actors are really frightened, and you got what Bruce Campbell described as "a comedy of errors".
    • The Enforced Method Acting remained in the 2013 remake: for instance, the scene with blood-vomiting was done by covering the actress in fake blood, to the point she nearly drowned!
  • Name's the Same: Ashley Williams. Yeah it was deliberate.
    Nothing like a nice relaxing stroll on the beach...blasting bad guys with my boomstick.
  • No Budget: The first movie (which also led to a lot of Enforced Method Acting)
  • Old Shame: Raimi has expressed shame over the tree rape scene in the first film. Doesn't seem to have stopped it from reappearing in the remake though.
  • The Other Darrin:
  • Playing Against Type: In the 2013 reboot. Jane Levy's best known for being a snarky, redhead teen on Suburgatory, being in a movie with Victoria Justice, and looking eerily identical to Emma Stone. This came completely out of left field.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Ted Raimi, natch, who appears in every movie in different roles. Ivan Raimi is also credited as Fake Shemp in the first and third movies (the latter of which he co-wrote).
    • Bruce Campbell's father also appears in Army of Darkness as one of the soldiers that gets killed in battle.
  • Referenced By: When Mary is trying to cast a spell in Knights Of Buena Vista, Adriana says not to "cough the last part", referring to Ash doing the same in Army of Darkness.
  • Similarly Named Works: The song "Evil Dead" by Death Metal band Death.
  • Star-Making Role: Bruce Campbell is most definitely annoyed by the amount of people who ask him about Evil Dead IV.
  • Trope Namer: This film series has named the following tropes:
    • Fake Shemp: During filming of The Evil Dead, any castmember that wasn't Bruce Campbell eventually left due to various circumstances. To finish the movie, stand-ins were utilized wherever possible (sometimes quite noticeably, sometimes not) and these people were credited as this. Sam Raimi himself coined the term, inspired by The Three Stooges. The term became a fixture of later Raimi-related productions.
    • This Is My Boomstick: After Ash's line in Army of Darkness.
  • Troubled Production: Bruce Campbell's autobiography goes into quite nauseating detail about the problems caused by the low budget. Most notably, the cabin completely lacked insulation and got incredibly cold at night.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Annie from Evil Dead 2 was written as a role for Holly Hunter. Dino De Laurentiis vetoed the choice as he didn't think she was beautiful enough.
    • Army of Darkness was originally conceived as the second film in the series, and some trade magazines even released advertisements announcing its production (under the title of Evil Dead II: Evil Dead and the Army of Darkness) in 1984. Thanks to a lowered budget and Dino de Laurentiis desiring a movie that was more like the original, that concept was shelved in favor of the Evil Dead II we know and love. Thankfully, Army eventually got made anyway.
    • In Evil Dead II's commentary, the producer, Rob Tapert, mentions that they did have a version of the "recap" first act of the film that did feature Scotty, Shelly, and Cheryl. In the final film, these three are left out entirely.
    • Army of Darkness originally had a more downbeat and depressing ending - after defeating the Army of Darkness the wise men presented Ash with a sleeping potion and advise him to drink an exact number of drops that will allow him to sleep for the next few centuries until he awakens in his own time. After being sealed up in a cave by King Arthur's knights, Ash gets distracted and takes too many drops of the sleeping potion, causing him to wake up after the Apocalypse and finding himself trapped in a wasteland, screaming in impotent madness. The producers disliked this ending as they felt it did not mesh well with the overall tone of the film, so the S-Mart ending replaced it.

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