Trivia / Evan Almighty

  • Actor Allusion / Celebrity Paradox:
    • When Evan is driving to work after having met God, he passes a movie theater, which is showing The 40-Year-Old Virgin Mary.
    • Jon Stewart makes a cameo appearance making fun of Evan on The Daily Show. Carrell started off as a correspondent for The Daily Show along with Stephen Colbert in the "Steve and Steve" segment.
  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $175 million. Box office, $100,462,298 (domestic), $173,418,781 (worldwide).
  • Creator Killer: The massive failure of the movie torpedoed the careers of director Tom Shadyac and screenwriter Steve Oedekerk; the former quit Hollywood,note  and has only stuck to directing documentaries, while the latter hasn't worked on another film since, instead working on children's TV shows.
  • Franchise Killer: Crushed any ideas of continuing the "Almighty" film series after two movies.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Production did express interest in getting Jim Carrey back to make this a direct sequel; however, Carrey doesn't like reprising his roles. According to Steve Carell, Jim Carrey was interested in doing a cameo, and suggested a gag where Bruce sees news footage of Evan building the Ark. Bruce would then look upward (as if wondering if God has something to do with this), before dismissing it, and saying, "Naaah, couldn't be" The cameo ended up not happening, because studio execs felt, if Jim was going to be in the sequel in any capacity, then he should actually star in it instead of Carell. Carrey, not wanting Carell fired, backed off.
    • The flood that Evan foresaw was meant to indeed be global. But the Hurricane Katrina event seem to have changed the minds of those involved in production, resulting in the flood being more localized.