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Trivia: Eternal Darkness

The game is well noted for its sanity effects. These include:

  • Visual, Screen, Environment Effects
    • Blue screen of death.
    • Blood will drip from the walls or ceiling.
    • Paintings will change appearance.
    • Heads of statues will follow your movements.
    • The game will appear to delete your saved game.
    • Bugs will crawl across the screen.
    • Nails will scratch across the screen.
    • A fly will buzz around the screen.
    • The television will appear to turn off.
    • The television will appear to mute itself in one of two ways (see below).
    • Room-specific objects will float in the air.
    • Entire sequences of play turn out to be hallucination, reverting to a prior point in play (side note: corridors, doors, windows, and environmental objects will often be located in different places or not at all the second time through these sequences) Usually in conjunction with another effect, including these:
      • Casting a spell and it causing the player's torso or head to explode, complete with game over music.
      • The player's head exploding for no reason, complete with game over music and gameplay continuing.
      • Limbs falling off one at a time.
      • Entering a room full of tiny monsters
      • Sinking into the floor.
      • A room full of monsters that all die and disappear with a single hit.
      • A room full of it pickups, usually ammunition.
  • Control/Character Effects
  • Audio Effects
    • The audio will mute, complete with either a fake "MUTE" sign in the top right hand corner of the screen or a fake volume meter on the bottom, which naturally doesn't work if you don't have the correct kind of television.
    • Crying and whispers can be heard in the background.
    • Knocking and creaking floor can be heard in the background.
    • You may hear chapter-specific sounds in the background, like a maid being drained by the vampire beast just before doing Edward's chapter.
  • Forced Effects
    • "Psycho Worm" (only as Edward).
    • The game will appear to have a cliffhanger ending, saying "To be continued" in a game entitled "Sanity's Redemption".
    • "Blood Bath" (only as Alex).
    • "Hanging Man" (only as Alex).
    • "Asylum" (only as Max).
    • There are four sanity effects where an image of Edward or, as revealed in the fourth, Pious using his form peers over Alex's shoulder and whispers to her as she's reading the Tome of Eternal Darkness, and while they can be triggered at any point in the game prior to the following points, they will inevitably be triggered at those points if they weren't already, regardless of your sanity level at the time:
      • 1. "I will keep the darkness away." Karim's chapter, just before he gets the Ram Dao.
      • 2. "You've been my little girl..." Edwin's chapter, as he starts going down the second large flight of stairs.
      • 3. "I just wanted you to grow up, to grow up and leave me alone!" Roberto's chapter, after he gets the key to the Forgotten Corridor.
      • 4. "You don't even know your own destiny..." Michael's chapter, a few rooms before his escape from the Forbidden City.

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