Trivia: Ernest P. Worrell

  • Acting for Two-Hundred: Jim Varney not only plays all of Ernest's relatives, but on some occasions, will also play additional characters who have no relation to Ernest whatsoever, such as the creepy alien cyborg - Dr. Otto, drill sergeant-turned-school teacher - Sergeant Glory, and criminal mastermind - Mr. Nash.
    • In Hey Vern, It's Ernest, multiple supporting actors play multiple characters.
  • Breakaway Advertisement: From advertising stuff to a film star.
  • Recycled Set: The "Me and My Brother Bobby" commercials are obviously shot in the same houses and neighborhood as the Ernest commercials were; in fact, in one such episode, Chuck and Bobby drop in on a lady as her suitors, and she clearly is living in Vern's house.
    • Vern in the movies, with the exception of Ernest Saves Christmas.
  • The Other Darrin: John Hudgens voiced Ernest in CGI commercials after Varney's death, and actually played him in live action commercials circa 2005. Safe to say, the fandom did not rejoice.
  • What Could Have Been: A direct-to-DVD movie called Pirates Of The Plain was originally going to be "Ernest the Pirate", but then...well, you know.