Trivia: Erfworld

  • Fan Nickname
    • Fans who don't like her will often call Jillian "Gillian". This is based on a letter written by a predictamancer where the author was only able to guesstimate Jillian's name. Dephie's two guesses were "Gillian" and "Jill".
    • Before Lady Sylvia Lazarus received an official name, she was commonly referred to as "Scarlet".
    • Any dual link-ups can be given a name based on the names of the two characters in the link. As they are essentially a single entity when linked, this makes sense. For example, a link between Wanda and Maggie is often referred to as "Waggie" by fans.
  • Reality Subtext: It is believed Parson couldn't swear in book 1 partly because the comic was being hosted on Giant In The Playground, which doesn't have swear words, and the forum software replaces them with asterisks.
  • Schedule Slip: Afflicted book one rather severely.
    • Sort of happened with book two. The artist's mother died, so he rightfully gave her time to mourn. In the meantime, he wrote text only entries.
  • Series Hiatus: In November 2011, Xin took time off to deal with her dying mother. During this time, the site was updated with the text only "Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower)", which details Wanda's first few turns of life. The main story resumed June 4th 2012.
  • Trope Namer: Retconjuration
  • Word of God: Examples are collected here.