Trivia / Endeavour

  • Actor Allusion: When Abigail Thaw's character first meets Morse she wonders if they've met before. When Morse says no she says 'In another life maybe'.
  • The Danza: Strange was given the first name 'James', in tribute to James Grout, who played the character in Inspector Morse.
  • Hey, It's That Place!: Horsted Keynes Station (restored to 1930s Southern Railway appearance, and consequently painted green) stands in for Oxford Station (which, in the 1960s, would have been painted Western Region brown).
  • I Meant to Do That: Meta example. According to creator/writer Russell Lewis, any anachronisms you may spot in the show have been deliberately put there for the benefit of those viewers of a mind to look out for them.
  • You Look Familiar: The series has so far taken the same attitude toward casting as Lewis, meaning that while guest actors aren't re-used as different characters in this series, actors who've previously appeared in Inspector Morse or Lewis can be brought back in different parts to what they originally played.
    • Notably, "Rocket" has guest appearances by Martin Jarvis (who appeared in Morse) and Jenny Seagrove (who appeared in Lewis).
    • For that matter, Roger Allam had previously played Denis Cornford in the Morse episode "Death Is Now My Neighbour".
    • James Wilby, who appears in "Neverland", also stars in an episode of Lewis.