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Trivia: Enchanted
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Ariel has a fish tank where she works.And the office has a Muzak version of "Part of Your World".
    • Also, the little musical cue that strikes up when Paige O'Hara first appears sounds awfully familiar...
  • All Animation Is Disney: Weird inversion in that it is a Disney movie, but the animation isn't (the studio was taking a break from 2D animation, so it was done by James Baxter Animation - a short-lived studio also responsible for Curious George and the intro for Kung Fu Panda, whose founder is a former Disney animator).
  • Cameo: Several previous Disney Princesses make appearances in the movie — Jodi Benson, the physical model and voice actress for Ariel in The Little Mermaid; Paige O'Hara, the voice actress for Belle in Beauty and the Beast; and Judy Kuhn, who performed the singing voice for Pocahontas.
  • Development Hell: Disney bought an early version of the script in 1997.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Hey, what are Cyclops, Dr. McDreamy, Janet, Maureen and Peter Pettigrew doing in this movie?
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Robert's secretary is Ariel.
  • Playing Against Type: James Marsden made a career of playing the straight-laced Straight Man in action films and rom coms. This and Hairspray (also released in 2007) showed off his goofily disarming charm, nice comic timing, and a Broadway-caliber voice. Who knew?
    • Idina Menzel to a musical degree. She is more well-known for Broadway musicals but does not sing in the movie. (A song was originally intended for her and James Marsden at the end, but was never used.) She said in an interview she was flattered to be "hired as an actress."
  • Shout-Out: Many, many, many to past Disney movies. The Blu-ray DVD version even contains a special feature on them.
    • A particularly delicious one is the name of the roving reporter who tells Edward how to find Giselle, since it references the voice actresses of three Disney princesses: Mary (Costa, Sleeping Beauty) Ilene (Wood, Cinderella), Caselotti (Adriana, Snow White). To know this, of course, you'd have to be a true fan... or have no life. You make the call.
    • The scene on the rooftop at the end is reminiscent of how Frollo meets his end in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, or, more generally, of the standard Disney Villain Death.
    • Non-Disney shout out: the scene in the first third of "How Do You Know": right after Giselle picked up the band, she is running over some green meadows, singing, in a blue-white dress, arms wide-spread, with some trees in the middle-distance and a mountain of multistory buildings in the background. It's a reference to The Sound of Music and Beauty and the Beast, in the "Belle (reprise)" scene.
    • Meta Shout-Out: Robert's first scene involves a divorcing couple arguing over who gets "Hank" (A baseball card of Hank Aaron, of the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves). The Braves currently do their spring training at Walt Disney World.
    • The Other Wiki has a rather extensive list.
    • At the climax of the story, a giant creature climbs up a high New York building, holding a Distressed Dude in its paws and drops to its death. Sounds familiar?
  • Star-Making Role: Rightfully turned Amy Adams into an instant star.
  • Throw It In: The novelization of the film provides some insight that makes it easier to determine what lines were ad libbed. It follows pretty much the entire script of the movie and even some of the deleted scenes, so the comic material not included was most likely ad libbed.
    • This includes a couple of the more risque lines, such as Nancy's comment about Robert and Giselle having some "grown-up girl bonding time" and Morgan's comment that "Boys are only after one thing", but nobody will tell her what it is. Morgan's "Kick what?" response to Nancy's line "Hey, girl, you ready to kick it?" isn't in the novel, nor is Edward's "I don't know what melodramatic means." And then there's this amusing exchange between Robert and Morgan when they're trying to shoo away the vermin from Giselle's "Happy Working Song":
    Morgan: (holding up two rats) What do I do with them?
    Robert: Get them outside! Get rid of them! Get rid of them!
    Morgan: Put them back?
    Robert: Put them outside! Don't put them back!
    • A rare animated example: There's a sequence in the animated opening where Giselle looks back and waves at the birds who drop the tiara on her head. This was originally not part of the scene and only came to fruition when Amy Adams did it while going through the sequence practically for animated reference. The animators thought it was such a small yet perfect Disney Princess gesture that it was inserted in.
  • Typecasting: As noted on the main page, James Marsden is Playing Against Type by being a Large Ham singing Knight in Shining Armor... but at the same time he's still the Romantic False Lead and Disposable FiancÚ.
    • Averted with Idina Menzel, who did not sing in this movie.
  • What Could Have Been: In the first draft of the script (and mentioned earlier on this page), once Giselle enters the real world, she gets mistaken for a stripper. It was not intended for Disney and certainly not intended for kids.
    • Enchanted was originally planned out as a film that was intended to be an R-rated film that was a parody of the popular Disney Princesses. The result of this change of plans was because the writers had troubles with the script. Seeing how this was planned during the '90s, it would have been something like take that on a certain kids thing. It isn't known for certain if this was planned as an animated film or a live-action film, but the result of either wouldn't have been pretty for certain people.
    • Giselle was supposed to become an official Disney Princess, but they backed out of the idea upon realizing that they would have to secure a lifetime deal with Amy Adams to use her likeliness.

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