Trivia: Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

  • Breakaway Pop Hit: While the special hasn't been seen on TV since 2003 or so (though the Kermit-less version has seen DVD release in recent years), with Canadian children's network YTV being the last known network in North America to air the special, the song "When The River Meets The Sea" is still fairly recognizable to those unfamiliar with the special itself (thanks to John Denver's version).
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Emmet's voice actor is Jerry Nelson, best known as Gobo on Fraggle Rock and The Count on Sesame Street (after Jerry passed away he was constantly linked to the latter).
    • Though he sounds more like Robin in this one.
    • In addition to Jerry, most of the familiar Muppet performers are here: Frank Oz (best known as Fozzie and Miss Piggy), David Goelz (best known as Gonzo), Richard Hunt (best known as Scooter) and of course, Jim Henson.
  • Hey, It's Those Authors: Russell and Lilian Hoban, the authors of the original book are perhaps better known for the "Frances the Badger" series of booksnote . Those who know Hoban best by his works aimed at adults or The Mouse and His Child are often startled to realize it's the same author.