Trivia / Emmerdale

  • Complete Monster: Shane Doyle was introduced as a police officer and a colleague of Donna Windsor-Dingle and Ross Kirk. He bullied Donna due to her being a woman being in the police force and become she married into the Dingle family. At a party, she tried to start afresh with Shane, but he misunderstood and made a pass at her. As he tried to force himself upon her she kneed him in the groin. Shane, then start to date Jasmine. Went Jasmine begins pressuring him for information on The Mc Farlanes. However, she is taken aback when he gets angry. She then searches her flat and discovers a large sum of cash in his wardrobe.She is then caught by Shane, and it soon transpires that Shane is in league with The Mc Farlane's, proving him to be a corrupt officer. After learning of Shane's illegal activities, Jasmine attempts to flee his flat. However, he corners her and tries to force himself upon her. Jasmine's friend Debbie Dingle then arrives and knocks Shane unconscious by hitting him over the head with a chair. As Jasmine and Debbie prepare to leave, Shane regains consciousness and tries to assault Debbie. Jasmine picks up a chair leg and promptly beats Shane to death. Despite appearing once in 2008, Shane is unquestionably one of the most evil and sinister villains of the Emmerdale franchise.
    • Gordon Livesy is Aaron father and the ex-husband of Chas. It is revealed that Gordon had repeatedly raped his son, Aaron throughout his childhood. Aaron finally reported his father's historic abuse to the police. Gordon threatened Aaron and informed him if he didn't retract the allegations then he would do his best to get Cain jailed. He then manipulator his long-lost daughter, Liv on his side by buying her a tablet computer. But she didn't want to help him anymore. Gordon is sentenced to eighteen years imprisonment. Gordon was found dead in his cell.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Lesley Dunlop shaved her head for the Brenda Walker brain tumor storyline, where her character was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
  • The Other Darrin: Frequently used with the child characters; less frequently used with the adults (though Robert Sugden is one adult example)
  • Playing Against Type: Pauline Quirke, best-known as a comedic actress from Birds of a Feather, playing an extremely dramatic part as Jackson's mother during his exit storyline (which included him becoming quadraplegic following a car crash and eventually committing suicide)
  • Too Soon: The plane crash drew criticism and a reprimand from the Media Watchdogs for its parallels with the Lockerbie disaster.
  • What Could Have Been: Morrissey was once offered a part:
    I was to play an intruder in jodhpurs - an intruder at Home Farm, but I refused to wear the jodhpurs. As they say, it's nice to be asked.