Trivia / Emily Osment

  • Celebrity Resemblance: To Carrie Underwood, which Emily often jokes about on social media (especially when live-tweeting the CMT Awards which Carrie co-hosts). A joke about the resemblance even found its way to Young & Hungry.
  • Creator Backlash: As of 2016, Emily felt this way about the writing on her pop releases for Wind-Up Records, namely Fight Or Flight, based on her comments in a NKD mag interview:
    ďI wasnít writing by myself. I was writing with a bunch of people, and I had a manager who just threw me in the room with 60 different writers and it didnít really feel as organic as the music I was listening to, like Incubus and Modest Mouse. It was an interesting process. I have a bunch of music that Iím just sitting on, and Iím kind of just taking my time because the first time around I went way too fast and I hate all those songs now. But it was a part of me and that was what I was like at that age.Ē
  • Irony as She Is Cast:
    • Lilly Truscott has a terrible singing voice, whille Emily herself is a pretty good singer. Leads to a pretty bad case of Hollywood Tone-Deaf.
    • She is attending Occidental College in LA as of 2012, and is a well-educated daughter of teachers. This contrasts greatly with her Lilly role (even though Lilly and Miley do get to attend Standford College by the last season).
  • Playing Against Type:
    • As an martial arts-practicing contract killer in the upcoming web series Cleaners. Recent pictures and videos Emily has posted on Twitter from the shooting locations of the series show her face and hands covered in fake blood and scars.
    • Cyberbully (2011) is a very dramatic, tragic role for her compared to her usual comic or kids' action film roles (although she has acted in some small dramatic roles on TV prior to Spy Kids 2).
    • Melissa Morris, the hero Emily plays in the 2009 Disney Channel Original Movie Dadnapped is much smarter, girlier, (well, pre-2010), more graceful and less awkward than Lilly Truscott.
    • A Daughter's Nightmare is also a dramatic role, as the daughter of a widow seduced and manipulated by a psychopathic paramour.
    • Her guest role in Mom as a domestically abused drug addict in rehab may be one of her darkest post-Hannah roles, even as part of a sitcom ensemble. Her character tragically and abruptly dies offscreen of a drug overdose several weeks into season 3.
  • What Could Have Been: She mentioned in a live chat in 2011 that the original title for her Fight Or Flight album would have been Ellipses.
    • As the above live chat video also points out (without naming names), a possible summer tour in 2011 with Emily opening up for Drake Bell was cancelled when Drake (or his management) pulled out at the last minute.