Trivia / Ellen McLain

  • Actor Allusion: She's clearly doing the GLaDOS voice as the AI in Pacific Rim. This is intentional, as director Guillermo del Toro is a huge Valve fan (as are his kids), and asked special permission to use the character's distinctive (i.e. copyrightable) quirks in his film. Valve even gave him the proprietary voice filter techniques to do GLaDOS perfectly, though he ended up using something a bit more original.
  • The Cast Showoff: Yes, she really can sing. (Voice acting is actually a side job to her singing career.)
  • The Danza: The Administrator's real name is Helen, which sounds nearly identical to Ellen in most dialects of English.
  • Money, Dear Boy: She's made no bones about the fact that she's in voice acting for the money. That doesn't stop her from feeling creatively fulfilled when she hits upon the right role, of course.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: She and John Patrick Lowrie are Valve's couple for voice acting—the relationship was unknown at first, since they voice-acted for them separately and at different times, but when Valve found out, the company gave the two of them additional minor roles as a bickering couple in Left 4 Dead 2.