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Trivia: El Santos
  • Actor-Shared Background: Besides being Trino's Author Avatar, El Santos shares many details with him, along them being soccer fans, especially from Club Atlas, being from Jalisco (especifically from Ajijic, near the Chapala Lake, when Trino lives) and being both foul-mouthed. The only trait Trino does not share with Santos is being a Jerkass, since Trino is famous for being a pretty nice guy in Real Life.
    • Ditto with Regina Orozco (Tetona's voice actress) as she was a prostitute before becoming an actress.
  • Alan Smithee: A very weird case: Rather than being the voice actors the ones using alias for hiding their identities, it's the animation studio the one using an alias instead: The movie is animated by Anima Studio, under the Peyote Films name (the ones who worked in the animated adaptation of El Chavo del ocho and the Top Cat's recent animated movie) and the reason for doing that (according with both Trino and Jis) is because they don't want to have any problems with any potential clients if they find out they worked in such a movie like this.
  • All-Star Cast: In the film.
  • Box Office Bomb: The film bombed hard against other foreign films, with a box office of about $600,000 dollars just in Mexico.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Some stuff from the earlier issues from the comic book were different from the latter ones and also from the movie:
    • El Santos was originally taller and fatter and less prone to use profanity than his latter incarnations, not to mention the humor was more of the normal (albeit a bit wierdier) type.
    • Valdivia was a Jerkass like everyone else earlier.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The original voice acting for the animated movie includes many Mexican movie actors, including some world-famous names like director Guillermo del Toro (he voices Gamborino Ponx, a talking hemorrhoid.) and even Cheech Marin!note  The titular character is voiced by Daniel Gimenez Cacho, who many non-Mexican viewers can recognize him as Javi.
    • Another interesting tidbit is, unlike many other Mexican animated films, this one does not use professional dubbing voice actors (the ones who dubs foreign media) and relies entirely in famous actors instead. This is possibly was intentional, since the movie is geared towards adult audiences and, since in Mexico, the Animation Age Ghetto trope is still quite strong, using famous actors rather than dubbing actors gives more credibility to the movie and avoids being tagged as a kiddie movie, not to mention that many Mexican dubbing VA normally refuses to work in stuff that uses too many profanity and excessive Toilet Humor.
  • More Popular Spin-off: The original comic strip first appeared as a small feature in the authors's previous work La Croqueta.
  • Troubled Production: Trino's idea for the movie hails from the year 2000, but due to technical and budget problems, the film didn't came out until 2012.
  • What Could Have Been: The film was originally planned as a CGI movie, but due to the final results, they decided to use traditional animation instead.

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