Trivia / Earthsea Trilogy

  • Disowned Adaptation:
    • Le Guin loathed the Sci-Fi Channel's mini-series.
    • She also wasn't very fond of the Ghibli film. Ironically, Hayao Miyazaki had asked for the film rights, but she turned him down, not having any idea who he was. By the time she'd educated herself on Miyazaki's career and came to believe he could do right by the series, he'd retired, requiring another Ghibli director to handle the project.
  • What Could Have Been: She was herself very keen on a planned adaptation by Michael Powell (director of A Matter of Life and Death) whose films she admired and believed that his vision aligned with hers. She co-wrote the screenplay with Powell and regretted it when it didn't get funding. The screenplay has been published but is now out of print.