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Trivia: EXO
  • Fan Nickname
    • Xiumin was given the name "Baozi" by Lu Han.
    • Baekhyun also has "Bacon."
    • Sehun is called "Thehun" by some fans, much to his dismay.
    • Kris has "Kriscasso" due to his erm, artistic skills.
  • Names the Same: Sehun was teased by classmates when he was younger for having the same name as the mayor of Seoul. After this, he decided to become president of South Korea to have a higher rank than the mayor.
  • Promoted Fanboy - Lu Han. In high school, his music folder was full of TVXQ, H.O.T, Super Junior, and Girls' Generation's music.
    • He's especially a fanboy of TVXQ (mainly Yunho)
    • He would even sneak out of class to watch their music videos.
  • What Could Have Been - They were unofficially known as M1 and M2 and "Land of Boys" before their debut. The group also went through several line-up changes.
    • Other trainees who were considered to be a part of the group are shown here. The only trainees shown who made the cut are Kim Jong-in, Kim Jun-myun, and Park Chanyeol.

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