Trivia: Exalted

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  • Well, we should always start with the joke on the first page; As for what they do with that power... well, one of the running themes of Exalted is, "Welcome to Creation, here's your shovel". It either means "There's a lot of crap to be shoveled in Creation, and it's your job to clean it up, one way or the other." or "You're digging Creation's deep, dark, grave. Get to work."
  • There are dinosaurs that eat opium and piss out heroin. They are called The Beasts of Resplendent Liquids.
    • Several versions of the Beasts of Resplendent Liquids existed in the First Age, each being biological constructs designed to do the first stage of medicinal processing while requiring minimal effort. Brown ones eat opium and piss heroin, blue ones (the only other ones known to have survived to the present day) eat more exotic plants and piss the main ingredient of anti-aging medicines.
  • There is a country in the East of Creation called the Republic of Chaya, where each and every single person is infested with magical nanites. And do you want to know what is even weirder than that? The fact that it's a real democracy, not a place where the Exalted rule from behind the scenes and let them mortals think that they have, but a real Republic... with the exception of the gods of those magical nanites, who are the ones who set up the country's Constitution.
  • Exalted was initially promoted as the prehistory of The World of Darkness (the old version), and references to this connection were made (in the form of shared terminology and some thematic overlaps) in gamebooks of both settings for a while, but the idea was dropped, especially with the 2nd Edition of Exalted and the end of the Old World of Darkness. Even prior to that, it was specified in the Storyteller's guide to be an optional possible interpretation, not a hard-and-fast fact. Some shared terminology, such as Stygia or Neverborn, also shows up across Exalted and the new WOD, thanks to the nWOD's inheritance of some oWOD terms.
  • In 1st Edition, the Neverborn were referred to as Malfeans (another term for them from Wraith The Oblivion). This confused people, because you had dead Primordials called MALFEANS and imprisoned (but still very alive) Primordials who lived in MALFEAS. They dropped the Malfean term in 2nd Edition to avoid that confusion.
  • A few NWOD-specific references have slipped in, too. For instance, the mortal creators of the Alchemicals are known as demiurges (the name for those mortals who create Prometheans), and according to Word of God, the Liminal Exalted are inspired by Promethean.
  • Running the Asylum: In a case of Tropes Are Not Bad, the addition of the Ink Monkeys and Errata Team Prime has lead to a general increase in the quality of the rules and has been very well received on the White Wolf forum (seriously, saying you dislike them is Fandom Heresy there now)- but see also Broken Base. They have their detractors, some of whom get as vehement as the fans.
  • Word of God: One of each of the sample characters in the First Edition Castebooks is deliberately a depiction of what the Immaculate Order claims the Solar Exalted to be. Most of the time, it's fairly obvious, as they're either obviously evil (Havesh for Night, Fehim for Twilight), insane (Mirror Flag for Eclipse), or both (Looking at you, Dawn Caste Lyta.) The Blasphemous Zenith, on the other hand, is Wind, who is easily one of the kinder, more level-headed NPC's we've been shown...and he's also a former Immaculate Monk-turned-devout-sun-priest.