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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Thanks to the limited NES palette, Scrooge's frock coat is red, like in the comics, rather than blue as in the cartoon. Remastered, as a throwback to both media, uses the cartoon color scheme.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Disney owns the characters while Capcom still owns the source code. This problem kept the original NES game from making it over to the Wii Virtual Console. What happens when Disney and Capcom get talking again? Yes, BOTH games are coming out for PS4, XBOX One and PC on Steam. At less than $5 per game. As of this writing however, there are no plans to release the collection for Nintendo platforms in any form (this collection, or the individual games for the Virtual Console service).
  • No Export for You: The Remastered version was not released in Japan. Justified, as the original NES game was made for Western audiences in mind. Averted when the iOS/Android ports came.
  • The Other Darrin: New actors were hired to play the characters listed below in the remastered version because the original actorsnote  were long-dead by the time the game was developed:
    • The new Mrs. Beakley is Wendee Lee.
    • The new Gyro is is Chris Edgerly.
    • The new Fenton/Gizmoduck is Eric Bauza.
    • The new Glomgold is Brian George.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Remastered version was originally going to include Scrooge's alter ego, The Masked Mallard (from the episode of the same name), as an unlockable costume.
    • Menu screens featuring Way Forward's own Shantae were found dummied out as well.
  • Japanese copies of the NES game kept the infamous "dream and friends" ending from the prototype.