Trivia / Drop Dead Gorgeous

  • Dawson Casting: Various grades. Denise Richards was old enough to be going to her ten-year reunion.
  • Executive Meddling: Mostly averted, but not for lack of trying by New Line late in the production, according to Buzz Feed's 15th-anniversary piece on the film. After principal photography was over, while the film was being edited, New Line, which hadn't really paid much attention during shooting, looked at its tracking numbers and found that not only were very few potential viewers aware of the film, fewer still planned to see it. Panicking, they asked the filmmakers to recut the film Lighter and Softer, more like a conventional teen comedy along the lines of Clueless. But by then it was already too late to get the cast back together for reshoots, and most of the editing was done.note 
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Amy Adams's film debut; in fact, it was eventual co-star Kirstie Alley who persuaded Adams to go through with her audition when she was having second thoughts. She's now arguably the biggest star of anyone involved with the film to this day. To a lesser extent Brittany Murphy who had already had some exposure from Clueless but had not quite become a 'name' star yet. Also, Alexandra Holden, who may be familiar to a generation too young to get into John Hughes movies, as last year's winner, with a lot of make-up and just plain Acting! to make her look like she's dying of anorexia.