!Trivia: Drive (Film)

* FanNickname: ''Creator/RyanGosling's Franchise/{{Batman}} Audition''
* HeyItsThatPlace: The diner that Irene works at is a pretty common shooting location. It's recognizable by the view of the elevated freeway in the background.
* PlayingAgainstType: Comedic actor Creator/AlbertBrooks playing the mobster Bernie, though Bernie's [[AffablyEvil actual personality]] is pretty close to Brooks' typical performance.
* TheRedStapler: Driver's silk scorpion jacket has become available (although it seems [[http://imgur.com/gallery/kmoyI no one]] can quite pull it off as well as Creator/RyanGosling).
* StuntCasting: Creator/ChristinaHendricks as Blanche. The director's wife suggested the casting, saying she thought Hendricks is beautiful.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** The film was originally planned as a big budgeted blockbuster star vehicle for Creator/HughJackman directed by [[Film/TheDescent Neil Marshall]] before both abandoned the project.
** Nicholas Winding Refn almost didn't get the job, and the film may possibly not have happened. Ryan Gosling and Refn have both talked about their terrible initial meeting. Refn was sick and delirious which Gosling interpreted it as him not being interested so he cut it short. During the car ride home Music/ReoSpeedWagon came on the radio and Refn started singing along and bawling, then turned to Gosling and said "The movie is about a guy who drives around LA at night listening to pop songs". If that song hadn't come on the radio, the movie might not have happened.
** Christina Hendricks wasn't the first choice for Blanche. Refn had originally sought to cast porn actresses to give the part a bit of RealitySubtext but couldn't find any with good enough acting skills and cast Hendricks in the part when his wife suggested her. Although hints of the intended RealitySubtext can be found in other parts in the movie; porn actress Andy San Dimas plays one of the strippers in Cook's lap-dance club.
** Irene was written as a Hispanic character (in the source novel, her name was "Irina").
*** [[spoiler: She gets killed in the novel.]]
** The infamous head-stomping scene was originally ''far'' more graphic. Refn had even consulted with Creator/GasparNoe over how to make it look as realistic as possible, as he had directed a similarly graphic scene in ''Film/{{Irreversible}}''. In the end, the scene had to be cut down significantly due to complaints by ratings boards.

!Trivia: Drive (Series)

* WhatCouldHaveBeen: [[http://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/drive-what-wouldve-happened-on-the-cancelled-series/ Here]] is a rough sketch of how the show would have progressed had [[SugarWiki/NeedsMoreLove anyone bothered to watch it]]. Some highlights:
** Some of the contestants have "sponsors" who got them into the race. Some sponsors have benevolent motives, while others have revenge or other nefarious ideas on their minds. One racer, John Trimble, sponsored himself, looking to have one last thrill before he dies. Other contestants, such as the team of Leigh, Susan and Ivy, were put in as background racers to shake things up, similar to non-player "bots" in a video game.
** John Trimble [[LikeYouWereDying wasn't actually dying]] -- in fact, it was his meds that were making him sick. After he finds out that he's going to live, he would've been [[DiabolusExMachina killed by a bus]], simply because, according to Minear, [[ForTheEvulz it would've been funny]].
** There were various ideas going around as to the identity of the truck driver who [[spoiler:killed Susan]]. The most likely idea would've had it be a former contestant who had been crippled in the race and was now seeking revenge. Other ideas would have been for it to be a faceless serial killer (a la ''{{Film/Duel}}''), or have the driver be played by Creator/ElizaDushku.
** Had there been a second season, it would've focused on a new race and new characters, with first season characters taking on new roles in the race.