Trivia: DreamWorks Animation

  • Cash Cow Franchise: Being an independent company specializing in animation and hounded by unpleaseable stockholders, DWA has to develop every successful property into one. For instance the Shrek series has made over $2 Billion from the four movies alone (and that's not counting merchandising), while Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon are becoming the company's new bedrock ones. When an animated film under-performs, it's cause for major concern and it makes front page headlines, while if the same thing happens to Pixar, no publicity is made over it (until Cars 2 was released).
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: One of the most notorious perpetrators of this trope. Every last one of their movies has an All-Star Cast (save for How to Train Your Dragon), and even that had Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson, who might not be all that famous, but are well-known in most circles.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • John Kricfalusi was nearly hired to work for them, but after meeting the executives, who wanted him to conform to the studio's style, he backed out. Kricfalusi highlighted this event in his blog.
    • There are dozens of whole films that were never made. These include Punk Farmnote  and Truckersnote .
    • In the mid-2000s, they came this close to creating a property based on Miss Chevious, a character from an extremely obscure 80s black-and-white comic (Tales From The Aniverse). Given DreamWorks' muscle, it could easily have lifted a 6-issue furry comic from the 80s to prominence, but apparently someone high up the ladder didn't understand the treatment written by the comic's creator.
    • Japanese media giant SoftBank had plans to purchase DreamWorks Animation in 2014, but for whatever reason the deal fell through.
    • Hasbro considered merging with DreamWorks Animation in 2014 as well, but quickly pulled out after Hasbro's stock lost $300 million in value the day after the announcement and because DWA's high asking price of $35 per share was too much for them.